May 19, 2016



Leveraging Technology

Roanwell Corporation is a leading designer and audio manufacturer of acoustic headsets, handsets, microphones, earphones cords, cables and accessories for military and commercial applications. The company has been in existence since 1948, designing and developing high quality acoustic products to meet the ever changing needs of the modern communications landscape.

Advanced Acoustic Developments

During this time we have pioneered many of the advanced developments that were made in the vital areas of noise attenuation, intelligibility, mobility and user comfort, registering over 30 patents and bringing over 2000 designs to market. Among these achievements was the first application of noise-cancelling technology, a breakthrough that improved the clarity of voice communication by eliminating the detection of unwanted ambient noise. Over the years our products have continued to set the pace for an impressive range of requirements in a wide range of demanding land, sea and airborne environments. Meanwhile, our standards for dependable performance, ruggedness and durability have proven themselves beyond the most demanding requirements. And, as events continue to define the landscape of the industry, our engineers are already setting the groundwork for a new generation of products that will benchmark the next frontier in flexible communications.

Fully Integrated HubZone Manufacturer / Woman and Veteran Owned

Roanwell acoustic products are designed and developed in a self contained manufacturing environment staffed with professionally trained engineers and technicians whose experience embraces a wide range of military and commercial applications. Our facility contains all of the manufacturing and test equipment that is required to meet government specifications in terms of materials testing, fabrication and component assembly. As a result, we are able to offer our customers the luxury of single source manufacturing, removing the uncertainty that accompanies reliance on outside vendors for timely delivery. Furthermore, our official ratings for quality and reliability are among the industry’s highest.

In addition, Roanwell is woman and veteran owned and a Certified HubZone Supplier. This means that Roanwell is able to offer government prime contractors significant partnership benefits that accompany these designations.


Paramount cords are a designer and manufacturer of professional photographic cords and connectors. Founded in the mid 40’s, Paramount Cords has continually grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the professional photography environment. The current product range includes Sync cords, Pocket Wizard cords, Umbrella Brackets, Strobe Dolly’s, Y and Custom cords.

Paramount’s capabilities include insert molding, prototyping, and short run injection molding, ensuring that all products are entirely manufactured in house, allowing for complete flexibility and customization of their products.



DGM 4 Parts is a one of the top suppliers of electronic components. It is also a cutting-edge online provider of component information needed by engineers and purchasers in the electronics industry. In addition, DGM 4 Parts is a world-class provider of excess inventory management services and enterprise solutions.

DGM 4 Parts is a primary source of electronic components offering competitive pricing on components in stock, as well as purchasing services for scheduled (just-in-time) deliveries, vendor consolidation, and bill of materials fulfillment. It also serves as a secondary supplier that can locate hard-to-find, obsolete, and shortage parts for customers by tapping over 5,000 suppliers around the world.

DGM 4 Parts’ Excess Inventory Management Services provides a full suite of inventory services, sales organization, and extensive online partnerships. Excess inventory handled by DGM4Parts gains exposure in multiple online marketplaces used by thousands of potential buyers around the world.